Report Illicit Drug Reactions- RIDR

The Report Illicit Drug Reactions (RIDR) pilot enables professionals to report the adverse reactions to illicit drugs that they encounter quickly online.  Professionals can also get an up-to-date summary of the latest clinical messages and intelligence on new psychoactive substances (NPS) and other drug health harms.  The more reports that we receive from professionals, the better our guidance on responding to emerging drug health harms will be.   

The reporting system is intended to be used by health professionals who work in emergency departments, general practice, alcohol and drug treatment, prisons, homelessness/housing/hostels, sexual health, mental health and other settings where staff come into contact with people presenting with acute or chronic problems with NPS and other drugs.                               

Public Health England (PHE) is piloting this national system for reporting the unexpected and severe effects of NPS and other drugs, in a similar way to how the adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs are reported to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Yellow Card Scheme.  RIDR is a joint project between PHE and the MHRA. This system uses the architecture of the Yellow Card Scheme, but is separately branded because of the different nature of what is being reported.

PHE is piloting this system in order to better understand the adverse effects of newer drugs or new patterns of use and how they might be treated.  The RIDR pilot aims to reduce the length of time between drug-related health harms emerging and developing effective treatment responses.            

To improve the intelligence we receive and share about emerging drug health harms, PHE has also set up a multi-disciplinary clinical network that analyses data coming from RIDR and other drugs intelligence systems; and to identify harms, patterns and agree appropriate clinical responses.  The network brings together clinicians, other frontline experts and policymakers from across government.

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